The event will be held in room B78 of the building Exakte Wissenschaften of the University of Berne.

Address: Mathematisches Institut, Sidlerstrasse 5, CH-3012 Bern, Switzerland

  • Bern train station: From the train station (Timetable) the institute is within a walking distance of less than 5 minutes: Take the elevator in the train station to the "Grosse Schanze", then you walk approx. 150 meters north-east, passing the university main building, and come to the building of Exact Sciences (link with photos). The office of the Mathematical Institute is located in the 2nd floor in room 223.
  • By car: For directions and possible parking location see BernInfo; next parking: Bahnhof-Parking (Link with directions). You may take the elevator to the "Grosse Schanze" and follow the directions indicated above.
  • Intercontinental airports: Zurich Airport and Geneva International Airport. Afterwards you take train to Bern. Travelling time Zurich Airport-Bern: ca. 1.5 hours; travelling time Geneva Airport-Bern: ca. 2 hours.
  • Airport Bern-Belp: For flights and directions see BernInfo. Afterwards you reach the train station in Bern by public transport. In case there is no direct flight to Bern-Belp, it is recommended to take a flight to Zurich Airport and to travel to Bern from there by train.

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